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TV tonight: Tim Peake gives us the ultimate tour of space | Television

Secrets of Our Universe with Tim Peake

9pm, Channel 5

Tim Peake is a very nice man who knows a lot about space, which makes him a great choice of host for this very nice documentary series about space. Could there be life beyond Earth? That is the ultimate question here, starting with a tour of the Milky Way via a hot-air balloon ride over York, and Tim’s reflections on his time as an astronaut (he saw 16 sunrises every day in the ISS). Hollie Richardson

Living Next Door to Putin

8pm, BBC One

Katya Adler continues her journey north along Russia’s border, meeting the people who are fighting back against this new-old threat. She joins Nato troops in Estonia; in Finland, the scars of past wars with Russia are detectable in bunkers beneath Helsinki; and, in Norway, nuclear scientists and reindeer herders have cause for concern. Ellen E Jones

The Truth About the ‘Skinny’ Jab

8pm, Channel 4

Drugs such as Ozempic – originally developed to treat type 2 diabetes – have faced sceptical headlines in recent months due to their rise in popularity as weight-loss methods. In this documentary, Anna Richardson uncovers the myths and facts behind what has been called the new “magic bullet” in the fight against obesity. HR

The Following Events are Based on a Pack of Lies

9pm, BBC One

The slightly surreal and highly addictive scammer drama continues, and things are getting very murky. After the party, Alice struggles to overcome Rob’s gaslighting abuse, while Cheryl finally starts to question what is happening – but is he just going to get away with it all again? HR

Rise of the Nazis: The Manhunt

9pm, BBC Two

This new history series neatly weaves together reconstructions and interviews with experts to give a rich snapshot of the end of the second world war. It’s a harrowing moment as British troops discover the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and with high-ranking Nazis still at large, the allied soldiers know they must track them down. Hannah Verdier

Storyville: Winning Hearts and Minds

10pm, BBC Four

A grim but absorbing documentary about two Danish film-makers – one a former soldier – who return to Helmand to interview an overtly chummy Afghan police chief. But they are also discreetly gathering testimony about how he may have facilitated the abuse of young boys while working alongside Nato. Will their true aims be uncovered? Graeme Virtue

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