TV tonight: what happened in Nasa’s space shuttle disaster 21 years ago? | Television & radio – Gündem Haberleri

TV tonight: what happened in Nasa’s space shuttle disaster 21 years ago? | Television & radio

The Space Shuttle That Fell to Earth

9pm, BBC Two

“When I looked up, I saw a bright, white ball.” This three-parter opens with home footage and witnesses recalling the space shuttle Columbia exploding after it launched for the 28th time in 2003. It then speaks to insiders and the crew’s family members as it rewinds back to a month before liftoff, when Nasa grounded its entire shuttle fleet after cracks were discovered in the fuel lines. Hollie Richardson

Rick Stein’s Food Stories

6.30pm, BBC Two

Britain has evolved from a menu of black forest gateau and steak Diane to a nation of sushi lovers in the years Rick Stein has been cooking. Hence this series, with the chef getting to grips with the UK’s current best-loved food – he meets a sheep farmer, before attempting his mum’s shepherd’s pie recipe. Alexi Duggins

Silent Witness

9pm, BBC One

The forensic perennial wraps up its 27th season with a two-parter involving a grisly pile of desiccated bodies discovered underneath King’s Cross. It is such a major incident that Nikki (Emilia Fox) reckons an on-site emergency mortuary is required. Neil Pearson and Hermione Norris guest star as droll local coppers. Graeme Virtue

To Catch a Copper

9pm, Channel 4

It’s the final episode of this revealing three-part series, which has shone an uncomfortable light on issues surrounding the policing of the police. It focuses on two sexual misconduct allegations – one involving an officer accused of revenge porn offences and another involving a possible sexual assault on a residential training course for new recruits. Phil Harrison

True Detective: Night Country

9pm, Sky Atlantic

You can imagine Danvers’ reaction in this penultimate episode when she is told the official cause of the researchers’ deaths is “froze to death” in an avalanche. The case is closed but – armed with new findings from super-team Prior and Navarro – she decides to take matters into her own hands. The drama gallops towards an unmissable conclusion. HR

Larry (Larry David) and Leon (JB Smoove) in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Photograph: HBO/© Home Box Office, Inc.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

9pm, Sky Comedy

Can a lawn ornament be racist? Since these are the ongoing adventures of insensitive, clumsy misanthrope Larry David, of course it can. At their Atlanta Airbnb, Larry, Leon (JB Smoove) and Jeff (Jeff Garlin) take it upon themselves to dispose of the offending statue and things don’t quite go to plan. Ellen E Jones

Live sport

Premier League football Crystal Palace v Chelsea 6.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event At Selhurst Park.

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