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Paolo Taviani, acclaimed director of classic Italian films, dies aged 92 | Film

The Italian film-maker Paolo Taviani, whose gritty biopic Padre Padrone won top prize at the Cannes film festival, has died aged 92, Rome’s mayor, Roberto Gualtieri, said on Thursday. For more than three decades Taviani and his brother Vittorio formed one of cinema’s greatest directorial duos. “Paolo Taviani, a great maestro of Italian cinema, leaves …

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Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four movie is notoriously terrible – do we really want it resuscitated? | Film

Why exactly are we so fascinated with bad movies? Perhaps it is simple schadenfreude, the delicious mental backwards engineering required to work out just exactly how somebody somewhere decided that the John Travolta-led, Scientology-infused Battlefield Earth, or Ed Wood’s frightful Glen or Glenda were anything approaching a good idea. It cannot be that we actually …

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Judith Godrèche calls out French film industry’s sexual violence before parliament | France

The actor Judith Godrèche has denounced France’s “incestuous” film industry and called for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into sexual violence in the sector as she spoke before senators in the upper house of parliament. The landmark hearing on Thursday – the first time an artist has spoken to the senate about sexual …

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